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The Arnold Reproduction Center is a premier equine breeding and embryo transfer facility located in Weatherford, TX. The practice was established in 1999 and is conveniently located 2 miles south of I-20. The focus of the practice is solely reproduction, allowing our staff the ability to better meet the needs of our clients’ mares and stallions. The Arnold Reproduction Center offers seasonal mare care, stallion management, haul-in services, and advanced reproductive techniques.


The embryo transfer program at The Arnold Reproduction Center has been an industry leader since the practice opened. The ARC has a 40 day pregnancy rate of 75-80% for its embryo transfer program without the use of oral or injectable progesterone. The program averages 350 pregnant recipient mares each year. We try to provide clients with a safe mare that will raise a healthy foal without progesterone supplementation. Every year we are try to improve our herd of recipient mares and appreciate the feedback we get from our clients regarding the mares.


The facility was designed to meet the specific needs of our practice. There are 85 stalls for client mares and foals. Each stall is well ventilated, allows an abundance of natural light, and measures at least 12×16. The stallion barn holds up to 5 resident studs in large 16×20 stalls. A free-flowing equine exerciser is available for client mares and stallions. Embryo flushes and transfers are performed in a designated room to ensure the cleanest environment possible.


Our goal is to help your breeding program be as successful as possible. Our success is largely driven by our attention to details. Each mare, embryo transfer, or stallion shipment is just as important to us as it is to our clients. If you have any questions or would look more information, please feel free to contact us.

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