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The Arnold Reproduction Center is the Midwest premier breeding and embryo transfer facility. Just two miles south of I-20 in Weatherford, Texas, we stand stallions known throughout the cutting world for their athletic performance, bloodlines, and disposition. Each stallion has its own outstanding performance record and talented offspring with great pedigree. At the Center, we stand fewer stallions in order to maintain a higher level of efficiency in our embryo transfer program. All our stallions are EVA and Herda N/N tested negative.


Our USDA approved facility specializes in embryo transfers, semen collection, cooling, artificial insemination and mare care. We are dedicated to getting that 40-day embryo or pregnancy for your broodmare by the stallion of your choice. At the Center we have earned the reputation of providing outstanding customer service while incorporating a very high success rate at 40-days WITHOUT using the ever popular REGUMATE. We strive for the QUALITY of embryos not quantity. Our recipients are treated like any good broodmare. They have a job to do, and if the recipient cannot do their job, then she is removed from our herd. All our recipients are great mothers, raise healthy babies, and do this without any hormonal help.


At our breeding facility you have the option of hauling your mare in and out for breeding, or leaving her here. We can also handle your breeding and embryo needs if you want to breed to a stallion not at our facility. There are no requirements for your mare having to be at ARC for a period of time before the insemination. You may order semen from outside stallions and have it shipped to us for the insemination and embryo transfer. We want to make this as easy as possible for you so that you can have a successful breeding year. Once your mare arrives at The Arnold Reproduction Center, you can rest assured that she will receive the best mare care possible.


We strive for a successful embryo and a happy, loyal, satisfied customer. If we fail at any of this, or succeed at this, please take the time to fill out our survey or send us your comments.


We have an experienced and devoted team to ensure your breeding experience for you and your mare is enjoyable.

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