Frequently Asked Questions
Embryo Transfers and Recipient Mares

1. After the embryo is transferred to the Recipient Mare, how long before I can pick her up?


Approximately 40 days.  Our office will call you when the Recipient Mare is ready to pick up.


2. How can I know how my embryo is doing before I pick up the Recipient Mare?


Your embryo will be checked three times after the transfer is complete.  The first check will be at approximately Day 12 (approx. 4 days after transfer), then again at approximately Day 25 we will check for a heartbeat, and finally, at approximately Day 40.  Our office will call you each time your embryo is checked to keep you updated.


3. After the Recipient Mare is checked at 40 days, how long do I have to get her picked up?


Once our office contacts you to let you know that your Recipient Mare is ready to be picked up you will have three (3) days to pick up the mare. After day three (3), you will be charged boarding charges of $23 / per day until the mare is picked up. After Day three (3), you will need to give us 24 hours notice before picking up the Recipient Mare.


4. Does Arnold Reproduction Center provide halters for Recipient Mares?

NO.  We do not provide halters for Recipient Mares being picked up.  Please be sure to bring a halter with you or let the person who is hauling for you know that they need to bring a halter with them.  If you do not have a halter with you, you will be charged $20 per halter for each halter we have to give you.

5. How do I know when my Recipient Mare needs her vaccines?

Upon leaving our facility, you will receive an envelope for each Recipient Mare which contains the mare’s current Coggins paper, a sonogram picture of your embryo and a paper with all of the Recipient Mare’s transfer information.  This information will include the transfer date, the Donor Mare and Stallion, the approximate due date and a vaccination schedule.

6. Can you tell me if my embryo is a male or female?

If you would like to know the sex of your embryo, this is done at an additional charge.  You would need to schedule an appointment to bring the mare back to our facility between Day 65 and Day 75.  The charge for this procedure is $175.

7. Does my Recipient Mare need to be on regumate or special feed?

No.  Recipient Mare’s at Arnold Reproduction Center are not on Regumate and may be fed the same feed you would normally give to your own mares.

8. What happens to the Recipient Mare after foaling?

Once the Recipient Mare foals, the Recipient Mare should be returned to ARC within 30 days after the foal is weaned, but in no case later than November 30th of the foaling year.  Please be sure to contact our office and let us know when you will be bringing the Recipient Mare back.

9. What if I don’t bring the Recipient Mare back to your facility?

As stated in your Embryo Transfer Contract, should you not return the Recipient Mare in sound condition or should the Recipient Mare die, you agree to pay ARC for the replacement of the mare in the amount of $1500.

10. What if I am selling the embryo before the Recipient Mare foals?

If You wish to sell or submit to be auctioned Foal prior to its birth or assign this Breeding Agreement, You shall inform ARC in writing at least fifteen (15) days prior to any potential assignment or sale, obtain from the buyer prior to the transfer of possession of Recipient Mare a fully executed assignment of this Breeding Agreement or pay ARC $1,500.00 for Recipient Mare.

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