Dr. Leea K Arnold


The Arnold Reproduction Center was founded in 1999 by Dr. Leea Arnold. Dr. Arnold was born in Hugo, OK and grew up surrounded by a multitude of livestock and a father who was a veterinarian. She later followed her father’s footsteps and graduated from Tuskegee University in 1989 with a doctorate of veterinary medicine.


After graduating she worked in Hot Springs, Arkansas for Dr. Jesse Clements for a year and a half. Her travels landed her in Weatherford, Texas in 1991 where she worked at Alpha Equine for Dr. MC Baker for 7 years. She did general equine practice for 10 years and has been concentrating on equine reproductivity transfers since the opening of The Arnold Reproduction Center in 1999. Dr. Arnold is a member of AVMA, AQHA, NCHA, AETA, IETA and the APHA. She is a well recognized and well respected veterinarian.


Dr. Arnold is also an accomplished artist specializing in sculptor and jewelry. Click on the link to visit her art web site.

Dr. Matt Parsons


Dr. Matt Parsons is originally from Ohio and is a graduate of Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine. He started his career as an ambulatory veterinarian working on breeding and performance horses in Lexington, KY and Central Ohio. Dr. Parsons then moved back to Texas to focus on reproduction and embryo transfer. For the past 2 years he has also been offering oocyte aspiration for ICSI breeding. Dr. Parsons and his wife Brittany have two wonderful children: Caylee and Micah.

Dudley Caraway


As the Ranch Manager, Dudley, Dr. Arnold’s husband, is also a major part of the team. He works side by side the rest of us. Dudley is responsible for making sure that the hay gets cut and baled, the horses have feed and shavings and everything runs smooth around the Center.

Rebecca Jaroszek


I grew up in Attica, New York, a small, rural community in Western New York. Being passionate about horses at a young age, I became involved in local horse shows and rodeos. I followed my passion south which eventually brought me to Weatherford, Texas. Breeding and raising horses, the equine reproduction industry was a perfect fit. I bring 15 years of experience in equine management and reproduction.

Jennifer Lousha


Jennifer Lousha grew up in and around Wise and Parker counties, and was excited to finally fall into the role of a ‘real’ Texan when she started working in the equine industry in late 2008. Living in the midst of some of the finest equine facilities in the county, she jokes of being able to enjoy ranching without having the chores involved. As office manager, she is committed to handling the details of your breeding in a courteous and professional manner so you don’t have to worry.

Dr Kate Eichholtz


Dr. Kate Eichholtz is another part of our team. Dr. Kate Eichholtz DVM, CVA, has a special interest in equine reproductive acupuncture. She is the co-author of the new book, “Horse Health and Nutrition for Dummies.” Dr. Eichholtz has been very successful in helping older mares to cycle, breed, and produce a viable embryo. Acupuncture has also been very successful in treating mares having difficulty with fluid retention, uterine cysts, uterine infections, cycling, and maintaining pregnancies. Many mares begin their acupuncture treatments in February. You will find Dr. Eichholtz out here 2 days a week during breeding season working on several broodmares. In the off season, she has her own practice and treats many small animals with acupuncture. She has her own veterinary practice, and does many mares outside of ARC.

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